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Junior Achievement

DEI Policy Statement of Guiding Principles for Junior Achievement of Central Ohio

Junior Achievement of Central Ohio is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for all individuals involved in our organization. Our DEI journey is ongoing, and we are committed to continuously improving our practices, policies, and outcomes. By embracing diversity, promoting equity, and fostering inclusion, we aim to create a positive and empowering experience for all individuals. We believe that embracing diversity and promoting equity and inclusion are essential to achieving our mission of inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. We strive to create a welcoming and safe space where everyone can thrive, regardless of their background, identity, or abilities.

Defining DEI

The key to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion is achieved is through consistency among our internal and external stakeholders.


Diversity embodies inclusiveness, mutual respect, and multiple perspectives and serves as a catalyst for change resulting in equity. It includes all aspects of human differences such as socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, language, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, geography, disability, and age, among other characteristics.


The proportional distribution or parity of desirable outcomes across groups. Sometimes confused with equality, equity refers to outcomes, while equality connotes equal treatment. Where individuals or groups are dissimilarly situated, equal treatment may be insufficient for or even detrimental to equitable outcomes. An example is individualized educational accommodations for students with disabilites, which treat some students differently to ensure their equitable access to education.


A core element for successfully achieving diversity, inclusion is created by nurturing the culture and climate of the institution through professional development, education, policy, and practice. The objective is to create a climate that fosters belonging, respect, and value for all and encourages engagement and connection throughout the institution and community. In schools, inclusion often is used to refer to the practice of mainstreaming children with disabilities in general education classrooms.

Our Ongoing Commitment To The Future

To guide our efforts, we have established the following principles as the foundation of our DEI initiatives:

1. Respect and Dignity: We value and respect the dignity of every individual, treating everyone with fairness, empathy, and kindness. We promote an inclusive culture that encourages open dialogue, active listening, and mutual understanding among all participants.

2. Diversity and Representation: We recognize the power of diversity and actively seek to create an environment that embraces individuals from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, and socio-economic statuses. We are committed to promoting diverse representation across our programs, staff, board, volunteers, and partners.

3. Equity and Accessibility: We are dedicated to promoting equity by providing equal opportunities and access to resources for all individuals involved in Junior Achievement of Central Ohio. We strive to eliminate barriers that may prevent individuals from fully participating in our programs, events, and activities.

4. Inclusive Programs and Curriculum: We develop and deliver programs and curriculum that celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, and reflect the experiences and perspectives of all young people. We continuously evaluate and enhance our materials, funders, and suppliers to ensure they are culturally
relevant, respectful, and inclusive of all backgrounds.

5. Accountability and Continuous Improvement: We hold ourselves accountable for creating and maintaining an environment that upholds our DEI values. We regularly assess our policies, practices, and outcomes to identify areas for improvement and take appropriate action. We actively seek feedback from our stakeholders and engage in ongoing dialogue to learn, grow, and adapt our approach to better serve our community.

6. Collaborative Partnerships: We recognize the importance of collaborative partnerships to achieve meaningful and lasting change. We actively seek partnerships with organizations and individuals who share our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

7. Training and Education: We invest in training and education for our staff, board members, volunteers, and stakeholders to foster a deeper understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We provide opportunities for learning, skill-building, and awareness to ensure that everyone involved in Junior Achievement of Central Ohio can actively contribute to our DEI goals.

Transparency Statement From Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is a federated network of 104 offices that reflect local communities across the United States. While ethnic diversity hasn't always been displayed in every Junior Achievement territory, our Area offices are committed to ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the center of all endeavors in the present and future.

Junior Achievement has undertaken a thorough review of its learning experiences to ensure they are reflective of the communities we serve. This includes engaging subject matter experts in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

With the support of the CITI Foundation, Junior Achievement has implemented the Paradigm Reach platform, an online training site for JA associates dedicated to advancing awareness, knowledge, and skills that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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